This is intended as a warning to others when dealing with Grant Thomas from the Adelaide Finance Agency. More information and facts will be posted here shortly. Others interested in joining legal action to recover losses caused by his actions should post to this blog.




3 thoughts on “Be aware when dealing with Grant Thomas

  1. We had a very similar experience with Grant Thomas. He offered us a loan for a large project. Upon acceptance of the offer and after getting his assurance that they had the funds we paid him several hundred thousand dollars in commitment fees. On the day scheduled for settlement we discovered that he did not have the funds even though he had assured us the funds were in his bank account. Grant Thomas never refunded the fees that were paid and consequential losses ran into the millions of dollars. We filed a complaint with ASIC but are still waiting for them to take action. We know of others that have similarly been scammed by Grant Thomas. We understand that he is still operating the same scam. All we can do is warn others not to be fooled by his lies and smooth talking.


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