This is a true story about an Australian loan scam which was created by Grant Thomas from Adelaide. All the information posted here is factual and supported by documentation. The front for the loan scam is a company called Mawson Flinders Cook (MFC) – The partners of this firm are Grant Thomas and Jason Henry. Grant also operates through several other companies including Adelaide Finance Agency and Nero Noctis Private Wealth.

MFC offers project loans to businesses through brokers. One of these brokers in Australia is Guy Goldrich in Sydney who offered loans through a company called Pinnacle Funding Pty Ltd (since closed). This company was owned by Mark Johnston who is based in Thailand but the front man was Guy. Guy Goldrich is also a principal for a business called Mortgage Wise Australia. One of the New Zealand brokers is Kit Kingston in Auckland and his company is called Dalgety Finance Group Ltd. Loan offers were made and fees collected by all the parties.

The scam involves offering loans to businesses and then not performing. These are not just loan commitments but go through the full legal documentation process to settlement. Borrowers do not discover until the day of settlement that MFC does not in fact have the funds. The consequential losses to the borrowers are significant. In some cases MFC has refunded fees but this does not even come close to covering the significant losses incurred by the borrowers, who made business decisions based on the binding loan commitments from MFC.

The brokers including Guy Goldrich and Kit Kingston may not be complicit in the scam but, as brokers, are professionally negligent and have demonstrated incompetence. They took fees based on the MFC commitment letters and did not refund the fees when MFC did not perform. This is unethical at best.

In Australia it is considered fraud to enter into a commitment to provide a loan and then not perform. However this requires agencies such as ASIC to take action. Hopefully through social media others can be made aware of the activities of these parties so that they don’t also become victims.

We encourage others who have also suffered losses from this scam to add their stories.


6 thoughts on “Australian Loan Scam

  1. Thanks so much for this blog. I was looking at doing business with these people and after seeing your blog I did a lot more research. You are correct that Grant Thomas and his associates have burned a number of people. Seems the Australian regulators are not doing their job or otherwise they would have stopped them by now. Keep up the good work.

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  2. I would like to point out that Grant Thomas’s activities have affected more than just those with projects who he scammed. Based on his commitments to fund a project I sold my home and moved to another city to work on a project. This was at a considerable cost on my part and disruptive for my family. I did not take this action lightly and viewed paper work that showed an unconditional commitment to funding. Grant Thomas is a scumbag who needs to be held to account.

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  3. Grant is a con artist offering shady financial products which are supposedly guaranteed.

    After considering investing myself, I have since come across several individuals who have invested with him and lost their money.

    Do not invest with this man. He is a scammer and a fraud.

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  4. I have a family member who made a large investment in an IPO with Mawson Flinders Cook last year. They have been waiting several months now with no sign of their investment or Interest. Just a string of excuses and empty promises.

    I was considering investing but now wouldn’t go near this man or Mawson Flinders Cook.

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